Harbour Cruise

Welcome to Halifax's best-rated harbour boat tour! Our 60-minute guided harbour tour is curated by an experienced Captain and passionate guides. Our all-electric boat, the Violet Mac, provides the only no-fumes, no-noise, and zero-exhaust harbour experience available. Join us and enjoy the harbour in peace.

A unique experience at a great price:

Halifax Harbour Tours Book Online

Experience the unmatched serenity of Halifax Harbour like never before by booking an all-electric, ultra-quiet, no-fumes harbour tour with Halifax Harbour Tours. Our easy online booking system ensures a seamless journey into this unique maritime adventure.

By choosing our all-electric tour, you not only get to explore the captivating beauty of Halifax Harbour, but also showcase your commitment to sustainable travel. Opting for a zero-emission vessel allows you to actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and preserving the pristine marine environment for future generations.

Full-Boat, Private Tours

Whether you’re enjoying the evening skyline or taking your morning meeting to the water with our Harbour Morning cruise, our full-boat private experiences are the perfect solution for groups of up to 8 guests. 

What sets us apart is that we are the only provider in Halifax offering all-electric harbour tours. This exclusive distinction means that you’ll enjoy a remarkable experience, unburdened by the noise and fumes commonly associated with traditional boat tours. The ultra-quiet nature of our electric vessel allows you to fully connect with the tranquil surroundings, enhancing your enjoyment and providing uninterrupted moments to appreciate the breathtaking coastal vistas.

Harbour Morning

Take your morning meeting to the water with our all-electric, ultra-quiet, no-fumes harbour Morning cruise Your team can buckle down and get to work or take a break to celebrate a win.

We chart the course provide the coffee, juice, and muffins. Our all-electric boat, the Violet Mac, offers a no fumes, no noise, and zero exhaust experience. Your team of up to eight will meet in comfort and style as you enjoy 90-minutes on the water.

Evening Skyline

Experience the magic of Halifax's skyline with our exclusive Evening Skyline cruise. This private cruise is a truly unique way to enjoy the city's stunning views

Depending on the time of year, you may witness the city lights come alive as the sun set. Whether before or after dusk, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of Halifax's skyline on your 60-minute cruise from the comfort of the Violet Mac.

Celebration of Life

This is a cruise we did not foresee offering. We are honoured to have been able to help various families with a meaningful and respectful way to honor the memory of a loved one.

This private cruise is specifically designed for those who wish to scatter ashes at sea, with space for up to 8 passengers. The all-electric, no-noise cruise aboard the Violet Mac provides a peaceful experience as we gently sail along the Halifax Waterfront.

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