Is the tour suitable for all ages and abilities?

Halifax Harbour Tours are suitable for everyone, of all ages. There is no substantial physical effort required to enjoy our tours, but please note that there is a fairly steep ramp between the wharf and the dock, and a small step from the dock into the boat, that Guests must be able to navigate. Most able-bodied Guests have no problem with this. Kids LOVE our tours, and so does the rest of the family. We promise!

There are emergency life jackets on board for guests 30lbs (14 kg) and up, and we have one life jacket for an infant. Please contact us ahead of time if you wish to ensure that there is a life jacket on board that will fit your child. Life vests are not required to be worn during the tour but are on board as a preventative safety measure.

Our vessels are quite stable and very comfortable, but because our vessels are relatively small in size, we would like to note to Guests who are highly prone to “sea sickness” that our Captains are skilled at minimizing the side-to-side “rocking” of the boat. However, there may be moments during your tour when the boat will rock due to wind gusts or large wakes caused by other vessels in the harbour, and it is likely that Guests will experience some “bobbing” motion as we move through the water.

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